Homeroom Map

This is homeroom. Where do you sit? Edit the page to stick your PC’s name on the key (link to your PC’s page if you want to be cool like the cool kids; you want to be cool like the cool kids, right?). Where you sit in homeroom is of vital importance! Because it’s high school.


Homeroom Key

Teacher: John Goodwin (NPC)
Seat 1: Jenna Adamms (NPC)
Seat 2: Sarah
Seat 3: Luke
Seat 4: Morgan
Seat 5: Tom (NPC)
Seat 6: Lucy
Seat 7:
Seat 8:Toai (NPC)
Seat 9: Torey
Seat 10: Lance (NPC)
Seat 11: Zeke
Seat 12: Ezekiel
Seat 13: Mitch
Seat 14: Jane (NPC)
Seat 15: Maud

Homeroom Map

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