Sarah Wakefield

The Chosen, candle in the dark


Strong, unwavering eyes


Hot: 1
Cold: -1
Volatile: 2
Dark: -1

To The Books
When the chips are down, and the sinister villain seems unbeatable, you can turn to your friends for research help. Roll with the number of people assisting you. On a 10 up choose two. On a 7-9 choose one:

  • ask the MS a question (MC must answer truthfully)
  • your enemy gains the Condition secret weakness
  • gain a String on your enemy
  • carry 1 forward

Final Showdown
Spend 4 Strings you have on an NPC to kill them. They are irrevocably dead. They can spend any Strings they have against you to deal , 1-for-1, on the way out.


You have two friends who you can rely on for monster-slaying support. Take a string on each.
Luke and Morgan

There’s someone who knows that you’re the Chosen one, and wants you dead. The MC gives them a name and two strings on you.

Luke: 1
Morgan: 1
Lucy: 1

The Wakefields have been a part of Acheron for a long time. The family is overall rather large and thus family is spread through the social strata. Sarah’s family recently moved up the strata in an unexpected inheritance. Victor Wakefield recently passed in a rather tragic hunting accident where he was mauled by local wildlife. Shockingly he left everything he had, including his rather sizable and “historical” home to Sarah’s family, rather than his own. Which has created quite the stir of tensions.

The first night Sarah spent in the house she started having dreams. Dreams of a terrible darkness and that she would be the one to stand in its way. The dreams reached a pitch recently and gave her a clue. A clue that led her to find a secret room in her new house. A room that her uncle? Victor had been using. A room with seemingly crazed notes and books.

After finding the room the dreams stopped. Sarah knows on a deep level that the things in the room are true, even as she logically has a hard time coming to grips with it. She’s not exactly sure what she’s supposed to do, but hopefully she’ll know it when she sees it.

In school Sarah has been rather unremarkable. She’s neither a loner, nor a social hub. Not very athletic, but not poor. All in all amazingly average. But now she seems different. Distracted. Her work is suffering from whatever is distracting her, but on the other hand the athletic classes she has she’s suddenly become quite good.

Sarah has an older brother Seth.

Sarah Wakefield

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