Morgan O'Shea

The Vampire, Forever Fifteen


Morgan (actually Morrigan) O’Shea
Predatory, with knowing eyes
Many ages old
Stats: Hot 1
Cold 1
Volatile -1
Dark 0

Moves: Hypnotic
Marked for the Hunt

One string on everyone
A second string on Victoria
A second string on Mitch
A second string on Maud
A second and THIRD string on Luke

NPC: String on Tory’s Dad (Foster Symonds Jr.)


Morgan was born when the Picts still ruled Scotland. As daughter of the priestess of her tribe, she was set to succeed her mother. However, the night she was chosen to dance with the God of the Forest, the God of Death chose her instead. She has spent centuries stalking the world, exploring, hunting, running for her life. She currently has a Renfield who has been with her for about 50 or so ears, and is starting to get obsessed, Crispin Murphy. (going to go with the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, that vampiric servants don’t age either, if that’s ok).

Whatever time period we go for, she’ll be the “sexy outsider type,” who looks a little too young, but has very old eyes.

Morgan dresses very well, maybe a little “older,” but not sexy, more in classic, very stylish ways. Where other girls are flaunting their burgeoning sexuality, she doesn’t have to. She dresses like a well-tailored tomboy and gets the same reaction. Think sort of Katherine Hepburn-ish. She and Crispin have come to the area that she remembers from over a century ago for some reason… I can confer with the MC or other players for that reason, maybe she left something, maybe she just really enjoys the area. Who knows? Or a combination of both, I’m open.

Morgan O'Shea

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