Luke Devereux

Hot mess, averted eyes, boy next door.



Hot: 1
Cold: 0
Volatile: 1
Dark: -1


Torey – 1 (Lives next door and their bedroom windows face each other. Luke watches her through the blinds and Torey has noticed.)
Morgan – 1 (Luke made out with Morgan a long time ago. It’s left him a bit of a mess.)
Britney – 1 (Luke has blackmail material on Britney, having caught her in a compromising position with Morgan.)


Mixed Messages: When you’re alone with someone, decide if you’re attracted to them or not.

  • If you are, tell them why you can’t be together and roll to shut them down, adding 1 to the roll.
  • If you’re not, tell them all the things they’ve got going for them (to let them down easy) and roll to turn them on, adding 1 to the roll.

Two Eyes: When you take your glasses off, add 1 to your hot. You actually need your glasses, so subtract 1 from rolls where sight matters.

Spooked: When you run into someone’s arms, they choose:

  • you mark experience,
  • they become their Darkest Self.
    If it’s an NPC, MC chooses: you mark experience, or they make a hard move.

Luke Devereux

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