Lucrecia "Lucy" Meade

The Witch


Coy, smirking eyes


Hot -1
Cold 1
Volatile -1
Dark 2

Sympathetic Tokens: You gain power from sympathetic tokens – items of personal significance that you take from others. Each sympathetic token counts as a String.

Hex-Casting: You can cast Hexes. Choose two that you know. To cast them, either expend a sympathetic token during a secret ritual, or meet the target’s gaze and chant at them in tongues. Then roll with Dark. On a 10 up, the Hex works, and can easily be reversed. On a 7-9, it works but choose one:
- the casting does you 1 harm;
- the Hex has unexpected side effects;
- trigger your Darkest Self.

Hexes known:

  • Ring of Lies (if they try to lie, they hear a piercing ringing noise; the bigger the lie, the more it hurts)
  • Watching (can enter a deep sleep to see the world through someone else’s eyes)

Bide My Time: If you’ve got a sympathetic token against someone, add 1 to all rolls to hold steady against their actions or to run away from them.

Sex Move:
After sex, you can take a sympathetic token from them. They know about it, and it’s cool.

You start the game with two sympathetic tokens. Decide whose and what they are.
Torey: 1 (bangle bracelet)
Maud: 1 (finger bone)

One of the others caught you rummaging through their friend’s stuff, but kept quiet. They get a string on you. (Sarah has a string on Lucy)

NPC Strings:
Bethany Masters: 1

NPC Strings on Lucy:
Miss Morris: 1


The Meades have always lived in Acheron, and there’s always been a Meade in some position of prominence—mayor, city council, sheriff, etc. Some say the Meades are just born lucky, while some suspect there might be something more at work there. If there is, however, no one has ever been able to pin it down.

Lucy Meade is the youngest daughter of William Atherton Meade and Rebekah (Hayward) Meade. She has three older siblings: William Jr. is a corporate lawyer in New York City, Gregory is a senior aide to the local Congressional Representative, and Tabitha is finishing up law school at Stanford. Lucy is very much a caboose baby, born 10 years after Tabitha, while the other three children were all born within a span of 7 years.

Being a Meade, great things are expected of you. Lucy’s parents often accuse her of squandering her talents, since she’s shown no interest in positions of leadership or what they consider a “productive” field of study. Lucy’s passion lies in art—drawing and painting are her primary forte. If she’s not where she’s supposed to be at any given time, odds are good that you can find her in one of the rooms in Canaan Hall, working on one of her projects.

All of her notebooks are covered in doodles, sometimes illustrative of the subject matter, and other times not. Despite what some might call poor study habits, she manages to get by in most of her classes, and even does surprisingly well in some of them.

Lucy doesn’t have a whole lot of friends. She hangs out with some of the other art kids, but isn’t close with any of them. She generally seems like she’s on the outside looking in, and it doesn’t seem to bother her. But she sure does do a lot of looking, and watching.

Lucrecia "Lucy" Meade

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