Welcome to Acheron Rising

Acheron Rising is a Monsterhearts game set in the fictional town of Acheron, Connecticut. Located about twelve miles northeast of Hartford, Acheron has a population of ~25,000. Despite its small size and rural location, it’s a racially diverse community where the average resident is in the middle to upper middle class.

Our focus will be on Roth Academy, a prep school founded in the mid-1700s by Abel Roth, a tobacco farmer who made his fortune and settled here. The Roths are one of the founding families of Acheron, and they hold quite a bit of sway and power.

Roth Academy is owned and run by the Roth Family, and its headmistress is one Desdemona Roth, a direct line descendant of its founder and namesake. It hosts the best and brightest, legacies, and whoever’s parents are rich enough to get them in.

Beneath the facade of a charming little New England town, there is sex, murder, betrayal, and something very deep, very dark, and very old. It dwells in the haze between waking and dreaming, silent and waiting.

But never mind that! Midterms are coming up, and cheerleader tryouts are just a week away!