Maud Anne Kebbyll

the Ghost, the girl you didn't save


distant, unnerving eyes

left to die

Hot -1
Cold 1
Volatile -1
Dark 1

Unresolved Trauma
Whenever you project the blame and trauma of your death onto your current situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, give two people the blamed condition. On a 7-9, give up to two people the blamed condition, but for each, choose one:

  • You gain the delusional condition,
  • You can’t speak during this scene,
  • You suffer one harm,
  • You start re-enacting the scene of your death.

Whenever you lash out physically at someone with the blamed condition, roll using Dark. Add 1 extra harm to whatever harm you deal.

Sex Move
When you have sex with someone, you both get to ask a question of one another’s characters. This can be spoken by your character, or simply asked player-to-player. The other person must answer honestly and directly.

2 from Morgan (saved her unlife).
1 from Mitch (aka Dudebro).
1 from Ezekiel (she’s been in his bedroom, watching him sleep).
2 to Morgan (knows how Maud died, and she’s just that hawt).
1 from an NPC (to be named later).
1 to Lucy (who possesses one of Maud’s finger bones)


A hundred years ago, Maud and Morgan met. One was sixteen, the other a couple thousand years older. Maud fell in love with the vampire girl, and perhaps Morgan with her … certainly Maud felt that her love was returned.

The two met often but, of necessity, in secret, for they were breaking two of the Church’s strongest taboos. The Kebbylls barely kept up appearances as it was, and their wayward daughter’s late nights in the woods, infuriated them. They had plans for her, and having her reputation ruined by gallivanting like a hoyden wasn’t part of it. All it took was the word of Morgan’s jealous Renfield, divulging Morgan’s true nature and the nature of the girl’s relationship, to set a match to the fire.

Mr. and Mrs. Kebbyll stirred up the good people of Acheron, and they hunted the vampire with fire and blades, guns and pitchforks. Maud found the wounded and dying Morgan in the woods just outside of Roth Academy. She hid her, tried to tend to the other girl’s wounds, but Morgan wasn’t healing. In the end, she did the only thing she could … Maud let the other girl feed from her for the first time. That night, she saved Morgan, but when the hunt closed in, Morgan fled, and Maud, being drained but not “turned”, died from blood loss and shock.

A hundred years felt like a thousand, but now Maud’s spirit is back, and she’s making Acheron pay.

And getting straight A’s in chem and physics. Roth Academy isn’t such a bad place to wait for revenge.

Maud Anne Kebbyll

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