Gregory Fales

School Librarian and Maud's Guardian


Middle son of the Fales of Harvard and New York, and … Acheron. His great, great, great grandfather put the first bank down on Acheron soil, brought in the first railroad, built the first transit monopoly. Their fortunes rose and fell and rose again. Now the Fales have all but died out. Gregory and his older sister (the one who is running the family business) are all that remain.

Gregory (never Greg) is the librarian at the Temple Russo Memorial Library at Roth Academy. It’s an odd job for one of the wealthiest men in the Eastern Seaboard, if not the entire US, but the library holds a very rare collection, and he is the archivist, and acquiring manager as well as the librarian.

He’s also Maud Kebbyll’s … foster-father, mentor, guardian. It’s complicated.


Gregory Fales

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